• Eights years managing customized, client-facing environments.
  • Managing VMWare environments.
  • Experience in implementing backups and disaster recovery/high availability with VMware and AWS.
  • Implementing SSAE16 and other standards.
  • Design, implementation, and operation of secure WAN and VPN solutions to support distributed office locations and mobile workforces.
  • Experience managing client expectations and cost reduction.
  • Experience with ediscovery process from media to client deliverables.
  • Experience with LexisNexis Law, Nuix, Concordance, Clearwell, kCura's Relativity, EnCase, FTK suites, Brainspace, and Exterro.
  • Eagerness to expand personal knowledge base.
  • Exceptional customer service and client relations.
  • Able to work well individually and with a team.
  • Nearly a decade of managing office necessities - email (exchange, office365/azure, google docs,) CRM (salesforce, zoho,) phones (multiple types of phone systems both locally hosted and cloud-based)
  • Experience heading-up projects as a team leader and in coordinating different teams.
  • Experience with custom proprietary solutions implementing SQL, IIS, and other Microsoft tools.
  • Experience with running (and supporting) MacOS and Linux workstations and servers in a primarily windows environment.
  • Extensive self-management in a remote-office setting.


Exterro, Inc
Beaverton, OR
November 2016 – Current
Position: Deployment Engineer, IT Security
  • Work with various system monitoring software for the purposes of identifying security and software issues.
  • Work with clients directly to diagnose and troubleshoot configuration issues with software integration.
  • Extensive coordination and communication with a nearly 100% remote sales team and our overnight team in Tamil Nadu.
  • Track controls for various security attestations.
  • Build out and modify AWS environments according to incoming work orders and projects.
  • Coordinate with sales to answer customer questionnaires and communicate directly with clients regarding our infrastructure and security.
  • Work with and coordinate a multicultural team to meet ambitious metrics and change our company culture and security landscape for the positive.
  • Share extensive knowledge and experience in ediscovery with the QA team for the purpose of bettering our product in the context of common workflow in the industry.
Scarab Consulting
Austin, TX
December 2014 – September 2016
Position: IT Security Operations Manager
  • In charge of implementing new technologies for the operations and hosting departments.
  • In charge of speccing, implementing, and maintaining all hardware and software for the operations and hosting environments.
  • In charge of coordinating the employees running desktop support queue, assisting them when a user's issue crossed over to network/virt/ops.
  • Responsible for shipping inventory to clients. Responsible for all customer-facing systems.
  • In charge of managing internal inventory, including equipment and software - responsible for keeping SPLA transparent between management and providers.
  • Managed Relativity environment rated for 200 simultaneous users.
  • Responsible for implementing a change order system, so that departments were aware of system changes and when they were occurring.
  • Interviewing potential applicants for the IT and helpdesk/support teams.
  • Working with executives to develop gameplans and strategies for company growth, coordinating execution of these strategies with IT department team members.
Austin, TX
April 2010 – December 2014
Position: Director of IT

  • Maintaining internal and production systems.
  • Making and logging changes to local systems.
  • Maintaining, with enthusiasm, all of the desktops and workstations in the office.
  • Proposing and implementing cost-effective purchases for enterprise-level solutions for software and equipment.
  • Maintaining our systems at a security level consistent with SSAE16 SOC2 certifications.
  • Learning new systems and processes in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Subsequently teaching those new systems and processes to other employees.
  • Assisting co-workers with troubleshooting hardware and software issues
  • Coordinating efforts of the IT department, including managed IT services and colocation services.
  • Managed a Best In Service Relativity environment, with all associated equipment and software.
  • Designing systems to specification and optimizing them for the software they'll be running.
Renew Data
Austin, TX
January 2009 – April 2010
Position: Production Tech, promoted to Ediscovery Analyst after 6 months.
  • Responsible for replacing hard drives and tapes (and other customer media) in processing machines.
  • Promoted to handle quality control on ZipLip systems.
  • Responsible for fulfilling various work orders as specified.
Stream, Inc.
Beaverton, OR
April 2006 – January 2007
Position: Customer service representative, promoted to technical support professional and acting supervisor in September 2006
  • Solve customer problems quickly and efficiently while maintaining an exceptional customer experience.
  • Instruct lead agents in procedures and protocols for training entire contract staff in use of new billing tool.
  • Supervise upwards of 100 tech support representatives and promptly resolve issues involving customer feedback and concerns.
  • Perform file maintenance on back end inventory databases to solve system conflicts in a quick and thorough manner.
  • Provide problem resolution dynamics to less-experienced agents.
  • Review advertisements for diverse client companies for both relevance and content.
  • Track current activities with Kronos Timekeeper software to maintain records of agent time cards. Report directly to managers concerning any discrepancies.
  • Delegate advertisements to other level one agents as needed.
Green House, LLC
Marshall, VA
March 2005 – May 2007
Position: Webmaster
  • Diagnose and resolve emergency website issues.
  • Maintain and regularly backup multiple databases and content management systems.
  • Explore, develop, and execute new marketing systems for generating revenue.
  • Responsible for handling all customer contact via e-mail.
  • Provide technical support and network setup for a variety of platforms including Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server, and Debian Linux.
Job Corps
Department of Labor
Harpers Ferry, WV
September 2004 – March 2005
Position: IT trainee
  • Acquired A+ Certification.
  • Received leadership and workplace diversity training.